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"Poms" the movie

About movie and not only

Finally I made it!

Despite the fact that there is a pandemic and I don't run too many workshops, it was my first weekend off in many months. That's why I enjoyed watching the movie Poms. I will not hide that it was not only the title that forced me to buy the DVD (yes, I am a technological dinosaur and I do not use Netflix), but above all the cast. Diane Keaton is one of my favorite actresses.

Who has not watched movies with Diane, I heartily recommend doing it. She is an amazing actress who has been playing comedy and dramatic roles for many years, choosing them in a very thoughtful way. You will not find her in the typical easy going comedy, without any good story behind. If she plays in comedies, then only with the so-called an intelligent sense of humor. Each her role brings to a viewer life something more than a coke and popcorn in a cinema. My favorite movies with Diane are Baby Boom, First Wife's Club, Book Club and Better Late Than Later.

Let's get back to the movie. Despite the scriptwriter's humor, the film Poms, which in Poland received a rather unfortunate translation of "The Queen of Life", is not only a funny and easygoing comedy. It has something more to say.

Moving on to the plot without revealing the whole story:

At the very beginning of the movie, we are informed that Martha (acted by Diane) has cancer and is therefore selling off all her stuff. As a person without a family, she decided to spend the rest of her life in the Sun Springs senior district. Here the movie takes us to what we could call a paradise for seniors. Beautiful little houses, swimming pools and various interest clubs seem to be the perfect solution. At the beginning, Martha has a problem with finding herself because she is not a very social person and she likes to spend a time by herself (and I understand her here :)).

In a very short time she meets Sheryl - a little insistent neighbor, but with a great heart and a positive attitude. Sheryl is the one who discovered that Martha was a cheerleader. Well, she wanted to be one ...

I will not hide that at the end of the movie I cried (yes, I can be the first cryish lady of Polish cheerleading - why not?)

The poms and the team's performance are only a tool in the hands of the director. They are a symbol of what do we secretly dream about. For some it will be winning the title of the Champion of the Universe, and for others just being able to hold poms in hands, or at least try to make your dream come true for a moment ... basically any.

I admit that I have definitely mellowed with age and in fact I'm a bit angry with myself that it took me so long. A lot of unnecessary discussions and nerves could have been spared. Now I always have in mind that not everyone is fighting for the same, and also not everyone is in the same place as others. Simply put, it's time to see the diversity that the world offers us. Which does not mean that I am going to be passive now. There is a big no no for that :)

In addition to funny scenes, typical of a cheerleading movie, e.g. wishing each other to lose, or the mean cheer captain, the movie deals with issues related to treating yourself and others well. Not only peers, not only the elderly, just everyone. And here is a fun fact a bit out from the movie. Walt Disney, when creating his amusement park, was guided by the idea that in a friendly environment, man functions better (as he claims in his biography). So let's take care of the environment around us.

This film reminds me of the book Mind Cheer, by Jordan L. Brown, which brings the philosophy of cheerleading into everyday life. Despite the fact that this book is intended rather for a young readers, reading it may be useful to anyone. If you want me to review this book, let me know from the comment under the FB post.

Oh! If you watch this movie, add a post about it with the hashtag #pomqueen. In some time we will see how many people posted about watching the movie. If you have already seen it (what is very possibly, because it is a production from 2019), then leave this hashtag in the comment under this post or on Facebook.

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