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I work with cheerleading teams in basically every part of cheerleading. My experience gives me the opportunity to cooperate with competitive teams, as well as with groups participating in sports events, by giving the audience a lot of performance.

I never limit my knowledge, so during the classes I talk a lot with the group and the coach, providing not only information on how a specific skill should look like in the final version (execution), but also how to prepare athlete's body for it. I make everyone in the room aware "how and why", by giving a lot of explanation. I always put on solid foundations, which further the foundations for the further development of the team, player and coach, regardless of whether I work in the area of dance or acrobatic cheerleading. As for the latter, apart from the basics, I put a lot of emphasis on chant, which is often treated marginally.

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Where my competences end, I invite amazing experts in the technique of classical dance (so-called classic), rythm gymnast and sports gymnastics. I have no problem with saying that in your case, we need someone with higher experience and knowledge.

In addition, I advise teams, cheerleading clubs and sports clubs on how to conduct team's marketing to make it visible in Social Media, as well as how to run a choreography, design costumes and lead the team as a community.

NEXT CHEER Generation, which I used to run, has already performed at the largest sports events in the country (Marcin Gortat's Matches or the Wagner Memorial) within 3 months of its inception. So I can say without a doubt that I know how to do it.

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If you want to learn more about what I can do for your team or if you are interested in working with me, write to me!

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