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I have been dealing with cheerleading since 2004, when I joined Trinity Cheerleaders- as a coach and choreographer. When I started my adventure with this sport, I didn't know yet that it would become my passion and idea for life. As the Internet offered little information back then, not to mention youtube was created later, I had to come up with my own idea for this team. It turned out later, that I was going the right way.
When I realised that I need a bigger knowledge, my sister ordered for me, from the United States, books about cheerleading and then, in fact, I had a contact with a real cheerleading for the first time. You can believe or not, but then it was a big thing.

After a few years, I started coaching teachers who wanted to open cheerleading teams in their  schools. The plans and shape of the coaching courses have evolved a lot and are constantly changing, adapted to the current standards, trends and knowledge.


The natural way of things started my judging activity, which made me judge tournaments in Australia, China, South Korea, Germany, the Czech Republic, as well as in Belarus and Ukraine, which allowed me to learn about cheerleading in various varieties, and also opened up to local influences. I was also honored for several years to be the Head Judge of the Polish Cheerleading Nationals, organized by the Polish Cheerleading Sports Association, on behalf of which I dealt with the Polish Representation during the World's (Orlando, USA) and European Championships. Currently, in the Polish Cheerleading Sports Association, I am responsible for contacts with foreign countries and for coaching children and youth.

I also took part in organizing the FISU Academic World Championships in Cheerleading


In 2013 and 2014 I competed with my groups in the Polish Cheerleading Championships, from which I returned with Golds Medals. These were my first competition as a coach for All Girl Group Stunt and Coed Group Stunt. The titles won confirmed the well-chosen path. I also started as an athlete in the double over 30 years old category, basically opening this category in Poland. It was nice to open it with a gold medal.
In 2013, NEXT CHEER Generation was also created, a cheerleading team providing a professional performing for sports events. After 4 months of activity, performed at the Great Match of Marcin Gortat (polish NBA player), and later at the 12th Memorial of Hubert Jerzy Wagner (the biggest volleyball festival in Poland). Later, the largest sport events in Poland and also abroad (e.g. Eurobasket in the Czech Republic 2017) came. I dealt with choreography, marketing, PR, social media, design and production of uniforms. Over time, there were also cooperation and requests for advice from other teams performing at sport games.

In 2014 I went to my first International Cheer Union judging course in Amsterdam. I knew that if I will work with competitive teams, I needed to know how they were judged and what the judges are looking for in the performance. As the appetite grows with eating, I worked on my judging process more and more.

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I also make choreographies for teams and doubles that perform during sports events, e.g. basketball games and cheerleading competitions. My choreographies have been presented in the USA (World Championship), Russia (European Championship), and also during competitions in China and South Korea. I also deal with acrobatic cheerleading, giving the teams a solid basics, thanks to which they achieve successes much easier.

I also promote cheerleading, which is why I created my own channel on YOUTUBE to share cheerleading knowledge per se, as well as publish conversations with people the cheerleading industry.

I deal with the "production" of the artistic setting of matches and other sports performances. The tasks for cheerleaders agreed with the Organizer are perfectly accomplished. Presentation of players, shows on the side of the pitch (sideline), audience animation, opening and closing ceremonies of sports events, as well as adapting the choreography to the specificity of a given sport (e.g. depending on the surface on which the team performs)

I organize coaching courses in both dance (performing cheer) and cheerleading. I work with beginning and advanced coaches.
In addition, I organize a coaching course on important issues of cheerleading, such as stretching, jumps, classical dance technique.


During the courses and trainings I organize, the classes are conducted by specialists in specific fields who work with cheerleading teams on a daily basis, therefore they know very precisely what information the teams need to save their time and bring the effect faster.


I design uniforms and training clothes for cheerleaders, which can be purchased in the online store I run


I also design costumes for cheerleaders who perform during matches, taking into account their needs and following the latest trends, advising on the cut and selection of fabrics to get the best stage effect.


If you want to learn more about what I can do for your team or if you are interested in working with me, write to me!

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