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I truly believe, that judging is really about educating teams, coaches and athletes. Why? Because each score means something, and the written comments allow you to understand what was missing from getting the highest notes and what to improve to make it better next time. What's more, in the comments I not only write what, but also how to improve.

I have been judging competitions for over 10 years, I always follow the judging rules and safety rules. If you ask me why do I judge, I would say that I strongly believe that honest evaluation will contribute to the development of cheer sport.


You should know that the teams will follow and take the inspiration from the winners. This is why filling in the score sheet should be done very carefully, despite the time pressure.

Teams have a full right to receive information regarding to their performance. Otherwise, we can roll the dice ...

I am a strong supporter of transparency and openness in judging, because in cheerleading, athletes and their development are the most important. The judges only discreetly help with this.

Thanks to many trainings and passing judging exams, organized by the world's largest organization dealing with cheerleading, I have a lot of opportunities to be invited to judge in Poland, as well as abroad.

Thanks to these invitations, I was able to join international panels of judges, among others, in Australia, China, South Korea and countries bordering Poland (Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine). This resulted in new contacts as well as a broader view of cheerleading. It's a great experience to watch how American-born sports looks around the world. Although not traveling far, you can notice significant differences within the European Union countries, which is undoubtedly a condition for the culture of a country. Therefore, cheerleading is a sport that can come in many shades. And this is simply amazing.


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If you want to learn more about what I can do for your team or if you are interested in working with me, write to me!

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