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Educating coaches is an extremely fascinating job because everyone comes with different basics and their own ideas for the sport.

Each course, each training is also a large dose of knowledge for me, thanks to which I constantly modify the course to fit the needs of the students.


I am aware that cheerleading is changing all the time, and my task is to train so that coaches can further develop their knowledge and passion.

That is why they always receive extensive (over 60 pages on the basic course) written materials, which also contain keywords in English, to make it easier for them to get information and make contacts abroad - most of the terms in cheerleading have no Polish equivalents, and personally I am not a fan of opening doors when they are opened.


I coach both parts of cheerleading: Performance Cheer - dance cheerleading and acrobatic cheerleading. Moreover, organize coaching courses on individual skills. Because the most important in my courses are coaches/students and their knowledge, this is why I invite/cooperate with the best coaches in different fields..

I believe that creating opportunities for development for coaches will contribute to the further search for knowledge and experience.


Please see the full offer of courses and training at


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If you want to learn more about what I can do for your team or if you are interested in working with me, write to me!

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