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What happened in Orlando during the World Cheerleading Championships?

Zaktualizowano: 1 maj 2022

Mistrzostwa Świata w Orlando Wrońska trener cheerleaders

The last blog post was in January. Well, a lot of things have been going on. I've been judging abroad more and more and developing the sideline department at Kraków Football KINGS, and that's just part of what I've been doing. Anyway, changes are coming and definitely blogging will be regular.

World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando

Wrońska cheerleading trener dyplomacja

There is no doubt that it is a great honor to participate in the ICU Worlds.

Whether as an athlete or an official. My trip to Orlando was not without complications.

Due to a long delay on my first flight, I missed my second flight, which meant an overnight stay in Paris. Sound good? Not this time. First, I had to be at the airport at 5 a.m. to take another test for covid.... third one, in three days. I suspect it won't be long before I can do them myself. No less, I didn't give up and went on my quest to the States. This year, my participation in this amazing championships, might be called quite unusual, because I went to represent the interests of Latvia. I was given a lot of trust by my friends in Riga, as well as guidelines for several meetings. Some things I successfully accomplished, for the result of others I have to wait. Often it is the case that some things cannot be realized, but it is important to express one's opinion and not to look on passively.

I also support my cheer friends :)

People who read my Facebook or Instagram posts know that I do a lot of international collaboration. I really enjoy this because judging or consulting foreign teams definitely gives me a broader perspective on cheerleading. I don't want to make it sound like everything foreign is better. I am simply learning about how other federations, training systems, and cheerleading styles work. You can certainly see the difference between Italian and Slovenian freestyle pom.

Estonia cheerleading freestyle pom Wrońska

But to the point. I supported the Estonian freestyle pom double, who finished in 5th place! I really like this choreography - you can watch it on youtube and judge for yourself if there are any innovations. If anyone asked what I noticeably brought to this double, it's the change of poms during the choreography. Admittedly, I thought they would start with two different poms and then have one-color pairs. But I respect their version of this solution as well.

Cheer kokardki dla duetu ze Słowenii

I was also supporting a double from Slovenia, who a long time ago won in my bows in a contest held by music producer Got Cheer Music. The bows were tri-colors that matched the uniforms perfectly. What's more, they were fully glittered and covered with hundreds of rihnestones. It's nice when your work is appreciated. Soon I will post on the store's fanpage the whole process of making the bows, so I recommend you to like it :)

While in the States, I sold half of my company

Last year, Cheer Project celebrated its 10th anniversary. That's a chunk of time that I've spent doing a lot of development, testing, promoting, and mostly educating myself about cheerleading. What exactly has happened?

What I enjoy most is educating- myself, and creating content that will be useful to our cheer community. I spend a lot of time reading books about cheerleading-some of which I've purchased from American antique stores or university libraries because new editions are no longer available. And here I am sure that I have the largest cheer library in Poland. However, it's not about the possession here, but about their use.

Daytona Beach cheer project cheerleadi8ng

What will change? More webinars, online trainings, book reviews, interviews on YT and others. I've been announcing it for a long time, but there's always something going on and it's been hard for me to keep track of everything. My day is as long like everoby's else.

So if you're wondering why I'm putting a photo from the beach here, it's definitely because it symbolizes some new freedom.

I hope you will be with me in this considerable transformation.

Please let me know in the comments on fb or on IG if you like the vision of small changes. According to everyone, especially Cheer Nerds will benefit from it :)

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