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European Cheerleading Championships Athens 2022

Relacja z Mistrzostw Europy 2022 Ateny

Going to the European Cheerleading Championships is a goal that teams try to achieve in different time frames. For some it's a goal for next year, for others for the next few years. And basically, both options are great.

A summary of the Championships will appear in this post, as well as some of my personal observations, but let's start at the beginning.

I went to Athens as captain of the Polish National Representation. Personally, I am not a fan of these titles. For me, I was a sort of sidekick to the teams that were part of the national team, because, it is worth adding, that Poland does not have a national team. A national team whose players would be selected in all-star system, as, for example, Denmark does (and here I recommend a Youtube interview with Mikael Sohn of the Danish federation KLIK). It was my job to register the teams and make sure their competing went off without complications, as well as to help out if anything happened.

This was probably the first European Championships at which Poland was represented in such large numbers. Over 200 people (206 to be precise) set off for Athens at the end of June. Here, a huge respect goes to those responsible for organising the trips. Some teams took the opportunity to organise a full holiday with some sightseeing in mainland Greece.

The composition of the Polish National Representation at the European Cheerleading Championships in Athens

our representation was made up of 10 teams:

Senior Team All Girl Elite L5:

Global Cheer (Cheer NS) oraz Soltare

Senior Team Cheer Jazz:

Unique Pro

Junior Pom Double:

Fresh Mszczonów

Junior Team All Girl L 4:


Junior Team Cheer Pom:


Power Girls

Senior Team Coed Elite L5:

Iskra Łochów

Senior Pom:

No Name Garwolin

Shiva Dance Studio

Best of all, Poland came back with 4 medals! It was a real treat! I was bursting with pride. Do you remember those times when our teams either didn't go to such tournaments or came last? Those days are over!

Of the more private things that this European Championships and the opportunity to be with our teams has brought me is that I was able to see and hear the motivational speeches and cheers just before the start. I will tell you that each coach (and sometimes the senior athletes) has their own way of motivating the team. I've heard a lot about working hard and showing results in the here and now, and basically giving it your all, not forgetting the fun and energy. It's definitely something that a lot of people should see. It shows how different our coaches are and the different models they have picked up for working with teams. And that is wonderful, because this diversity shows that they are not replicating patterns heard somewhere, but communicating in a way that will reach their athlete. Athletes they have been working with for years. This is a beautiful thing.

Some adventures during the European Championship

And privately? The last time I was in mainland Greece with my Dad was in 1995 :) and from my observations, not much has changed.

Let's start with issue number one-the lost suitcase. It turned out that despite flying direct, my suitcase was lost. So I ended up in Athens for a week with my laptop and a small, hand-held flamingo-shaped fan (exactly the same one I used to cool down the athletes before competing). Despite the later time, I went to make a complaint. Remember that you cannot leave the baggage claim area without a complaint. If you leave, there's nothing more you can do. It turned out that my suitcase never made it to Athens - which, as it turned out, was not true.

I was given a claim number and also told where information about my suitcase would appear. Usually these lost suitcases are found the next day, so despite my strong agitation, I did not worry about it.

And this is where the better fun began. In the process of reporting my luggage missing, I also lost my ID. That is, I had no way of getting back to Poland for a while. Fortunately, one day was free, so instead of visiting the Acropolis I went to the Polish Consulate to get a temporary passport. I got permission from the Consul and, basically, in 4 hours I received the document. The passport, as a passport is, has to have a photo. It turned out that losing documents is quite popular in Athens, and so are points that take photos for documents. YEs, here you can see where I took a photo for my temporary passport-yes, it's a dirty chair in a phone cover shop :) You can only imagine, how beautiful the photos came out.

Returning to the missing suitcase, it should be noted that it was unlikely that there was going to be a multitude of time for shopping. So the decision had to be made quickly. I had to buy enough clothes that will last for the whole trip.

What did this teach me? That, in principle, I can pack for a week's trip in two small paper bags. And this is where the question of 'essentials' versus 'things I want to have with me' comes in for us.

As I was very keen to get my suitcase back and didn't quite believe it was lost (which the tracking number showed all the time). So, on my return to Poland, I decided to be a little sneaky The result is that I got my suitcase back :) Although for a while there was a risk that the suitcase would fly and I wouldn't :) My plan was not as perfect as I thought.

Nevertheless, I was very happy to be able to go because I had the opportunity to meet friends from the cheerleading world. I also see them privately, outside of the cheer world, but here we had a real celebration of cheerleading.

In addition, I made an another episode for my Youtube channel! My guest was Mrs Honorata Włoch Kowalczyk! This lady needs no introduction. Of course, as it happens with me, I set up the camera and.... and you will see for yourselves :) In the meantime, I invite you to watch previous interviews KLIK .

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