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Time to experiment

How funny is that a lot of people consider me to be quite a orderly person and I see myself as the queen of chaos. And I think that both sides have a right, which has both soma advantages. The good thing is that I can work in constantly changing conditions - in so-called dynamic situation :) The problem arises when my calendar turns out to be too flexible and I am not able to perform all activities planned for a given day. Or maybe not my calendar is a problem....

I usually work with 4 calendars and one notebook. Contrary to appearances, this arrangement allows me to keep my plans and ideas in check. What's more, there is also a system of stickers in the calendars, which I can restick to another page (if a day accure much shorter that I though) or throw them away if the thing written on them is totally unrealistic to do. The system of 4 calendars works better for me than having none. One is for current affairs, the second is for media publications, the third is for writing the lists of people registered for clinics (yes, I'm a technological dinosaur), and the fourth is for writing down ideas - just in general. The notebook helps me draw out new projects.

Ok, so if there are 4 calendars and everything is written in them, what chaos am I talking about?

I just have a fairly free approach to these different numbers in the calendar :) and not always what is planned for a given day is done on that day.

All the fun in the new experiment will depend on a very detailed plan of my activities in social media. I will not hide that it has to do with the desire to reach more people. So, from today until the end of July, I have a detailed plan of action established. Posts on FB, Linked in, Instagram and also on this blog. Thanks to that, the newsletter will be regular :) so it is worth joining it.

It seems to me that this post can be treated as my public commitment :)

Besides, this is an experiment that I impose on myself as the queen of chaos. I hope that sooner than in July, the effects will be seen as part of what will be happening in various publications will be a big part of the training. So, again, something came up, but what to do ... Something these four calendars must fill :)



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