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I arrange disordered thoughts before webinars

The webinars are back, and there's no doubt that the next few will be inspired by the statement "You're never too good at the basics." We will come back to ultra-basics. So basic that without them some things could not exist. Sounds philosophical? :) I started running my webinars when the lockdown was ordered. I decided that this is a good opportunity to integrate the coaching sociaty, what I have already started by orginising the "Cheer Champions Breakfast". Unfortunately, covid did its job and the next editions did not take place. How were the webinars intended to integrate coaches?

Firstly, the meeting attendee list is available so you can see who is attending, and secondly you can see comments and questions. So it is very easy to see if other coaches have the same doubts or are struggling with the same problems. Secondly, I think that one-hour meetings (or longer) are a good way to transfer knowledge. Here is the key question. Why does Wrońska train coaches for free and provide answers to additional questions?

Hmm .... I thought for a long time on the answer to this question. You know how it is, sometimes some answers, even though they carry a positive message, don't sound right, and I'm not the best at round, meaningless wordings.

So the first point here is that I just like teaching. And that's it.

Secondly, I am in touch with coaches and I appreciate it very much. I am also thankful for their trust. The atmosphere in the comments is very friendly.. I am glad that I managed to create a "safe" place for cheerleaders, where they are not afraid to ask a lot of questions. That's what makes me happy too.

Third, which will sound like I was so conceited, but the development of coaches will lead to the development of cheerleading as a sport :)

So webinars and other trainings are a motivator for me to work even more intensively on my knowledge. Becasue if you want to coach someone, you have to be well educated

I hope that I will be able to boast of the effects soon. Just please, make the day longer :)



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