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Do you recommend watching CHEER on Netflix?

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

If you recommended your Athletes to watch the CHEER series on Netflix, read what USA CHEER recommend.

As an introduction, I must say that USA CHEER is an American non-profit organization founded in 2007 and fully recognized by the International Cheer Union. It is USA CHEER that is responsible for creating the US national team in cheerleading. It was established to help All Star cheerleading clubs, youth recreational clubs, traditional school programs, and the developing sport of Stunt.

It focuses its activities on three areas: promoting safety in cheerleading in the United States, supporting the development and interest in cheerleading in the United States, and the representation of the United States cheerleading in international cheerleading competitions.

Personally, I can recommend safety coarse because I have gone through the entire safety couse.

Due to the growing popularity of the series CHEER, produced by Netflix, USA Cheer published a relevant statement. Bearing in mind that the series is also gaining popularity among the younger group of athletes, the issue of content that should not necessarily be watched by the youngests, especially without adult supervision, should be raised. Particular attention should be paid to the fifth episode, which deals with the topic of sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, cheer society is not free from this type of behavior, as evidenced by numerous and high-profile accusations that end in lawsuits. In the first season, everyone loved Jerry ... who is currently awaiting trial.

USA CHEER believes that it is important to raise the topic of sexual harassment, but points out that the series features people who have officially been removed from the USA CHEER athlete's list, and their participation in the program may cause their victims to suffer secondary traumatization.

Personally, I think that piblishing this statement is a very good move. That topic cannot be swept under the rug. The lack of an appropriate reaction from the authorities could be seen by some as an acceptance of inappropriate behavior. Let us remember that as adults we are responsible for young people and children. We cannot limit ourselves to training and achieving appropriate skills. The safety of a athlete should be more important than the pursuit of medals. It is worth talking to your athletes and, above all, making yourself aware that the victim is not to blame.



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